I study and write urban history; I work at a second-tier university in Cleveland; I live in the suburb that spawned Calvin & Hobbes. I have two kids, a dog, and a spouse. I prefer cherry pie, though. I have posed for Spencer Tunick and run a marathon. The most played song on my ipod is Roam.

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As an urban historian, trying desperately to find the city, to find the past, I am also trying to escape the boundaries of academic history. So why not try something different?

Cursed with too little time, and too many mind-numbing practicalities, I have succumbed. Too literal and no longer very dreamy, I want to transcend my time and place--where the unknown don't even go. Send a cryptic quote. Tell me a prophetic story.

Remind me what Cortazar says about Jazz, take me to Borges' Tlon, illuminate a sign passing between Polo & Kahn, or simply read to me from a book in Eco's library.


My interests are decidely pedestrian: storytelling, gadgets, photography, all day at the sauna, and indeed nearly all sensations. I love soporific summer afternoons at the beach; running on snowy mornings; smelling the leaves on sunny autumn days; blustery spring afternoons. My most ardent joy, though, seems to come from making waffles, drinking coffee, and playing knights with Amelia and Eli.